Our Partners

Dimension Data is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and specializes in information technology services. We have a strategic partnership with them to provide a top-of-the-line Managed Services portfolio to our clients.

Panviva is based in Melbourne, Australia and has a US Headquarters in Nashua, New Hampshire. Panviva is an Omnichannel Knowledge Management Solution. We are an implementation partner. To learn more about our services click here.

QStory is based in Surrey, United Kingdom and is a technology firm that has software that automates the Real Time Adherence function of a call center. The software automates real time decisions about whether or not to change an agent's queue, send them to training or other related activities.

nVoq is based in Boulder, Colorado and is a technology firm that specializes in workflow automations for Contact Centers. We are a solutions delivery partner for nVoq's Agent Assist. To learn more about Agent Assist and our services click here.

CustomerView is based in Melbourne, Australia and has a US Headquarters in Englewood, Colorado. CustomerView is a technology company that automates the QA process for call centers. We partner with Customer View to support their United States based implementations.

StrongBlock is based in Santa Monica, California and creates blockchain products and services that can be used to rapidly create, launch and manage scalable, secure and governed enterprise-grade applications, empowering companies to focus their technology resources on solutions. We partner with StrongBlock to bring blockchain to our contact center customers. 

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