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Professional Services

SKW offers cost-effective and lasting solutions to optimize performance, improve the customer experience and realize return on investment.


SKW can improve your business operations by:

  • Providing customer experience improvement models and helping you understand your competitive positioning

  • Optimizing your workforce through performance management and quality assurance analytics

  • Helping you hire the right people, train them and retain them effectively

  • Aligning your business strategy with best practices

  • Helping you select software vendors to improve your processes

SKW is a certified platform implementation partner for leading cloud platform providers, including Panviva, nVoq, QStory and CustomerView. We can help you provide state-of-the-art tools to strengthen your workforce.

We know that implementing new tools means big changes and we can help you analyze the costs and benefits of making the transition.

To find out more about what our Panviva services and nVoq services can do for you click the links.

Client Result

SKW worked with a top US provider of self-funded health and insurance plans to move away from legacy platforms with high handle times. SKW created a single intuitive interface, migrated to a single claims system, implemented new training processes and a new application for CSR tracking and reporting. These changes led to a reduction in AHT increasing capacity by 9%, training time to proficiency reduced by 50% and reduced navigation screens for CSRs by 70%.



SKW will help you resolve initial implementation challenges and then optimize your investment with ongoing iterative improvements, training and user calibration. 


Our optimization services ensure that the implementation results in lasting, impactful change.

Client Result

SKW helped a multi-state health, wellness and member company transform from legacy EOL technology to a web based OPEX model. During the optimization phase, SKW was able to increase the immediate gain in efficiency from 5% to 20% while also increasing first call resolution by 25%.

Onshore, Offshore, Nearshore & Work at Home

Given the current environment, SKW understands the need for new WAH strategies. We have extensive experience partnering with clients to create strategies and plans to empower representatives in a WAH model

Sometimes growing your business means getting outside help. We're experienced in both onshore and offshore outsourcing. Stay in-country and support the local economy, or save costs by going abroad. We've assisted clients in doing both.


Customers increasingly want low-touch interactions. We can help you deploy self-service tools like IVR and chatbots to lower the pressure on your workforce and help your customers help themselves.



SKW is a partner with Strongblock who offers a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform. The platform creates blockchain products and services that can be used to rapidly create, launch and manage scalable, secure and governed enterprise-grade applications, empowering companies to focus their technology resources on solutions.


SKW implements blockchain software interacting with telephony platforms, omnichannel solutions, and knowledgebases/CRMs.These developments allow better customer interactions by allowing agents to access a complete ledger of customer data and history in a secure, single-source form.


We also offer consulting services through our partnership to provide you with expert knowledge on how blockchain can positively impact your business.

SKW has a managed service offering to help you cut costs and have experts on your team without having to hire them. We offer managed services relating to all aspects of call centers, but our core competencies are Workforce Management, Quality Assurance and Real Time Analytics.

Managed Services