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CX Blockchain Institute Partnership

August 12, 2019 — The CX Blockchain Institute, the worldwide authority dedicated to fulfilling blockchain in the customer care industry, today announced the availability of its flagship Enhanced CX with Blockchain solution and its partnership with SKWeston & Company (SKW). Enhanced CX with Blockchain is the industry’s first blockchain-driven customer interaction service for BPOs, allowing customer service and CX teams to seamlessly integrate and fortify trust within customer communications using the blockchain infrastructure.

SKW will be providing operational assessment, design, implementation, and optimization services for CX Blockchain customers. Blockchain is predicted to be a massively disruptive technology in the CX environment that will reshape the way consumer information and intelligence is stored, verified, distributed, and applied by creating a decentralized network of 'blocks' that record individualized customer transactions.

Few are talking about blockchain in the CX or contact center space and that might be a mistake. “Contact centers are focused on AI or RPA implementations right now which, when combined with blockchain, provide them with an innovative, leading-edge,” says Shelli Ryan, Founder/Principal of the CX Blockchain Institute and CEO of Ad Hoc.

“The problem is that if contact center teams - especially BPO service providers - aren’t also market-ready for blockchain in 2020 they will be left behind. Our mandate is to empower organizations to be ‘blockchain-CX-market-ready’ by first enabling know-how and intelligence with the latest blockchain research, studies, and strategic insights. We then follow through by operationalizing blockchain in the call center, from small process changes through to certifying the blockchain-driven transformation.”

The Enhanced CX with Blockchain solution comprises seven primary components: CX Blockchain operations and communications assessments, Blockchain-driven CX process design/redesign, Blockchain implementation and testing, CX Blockchain Training Academy, a distinctive Blockchain CX Certification program unique to the needs of the customer care industry, a comprehensive CX Blockchain intelligence and industry awareness broadcast system, and CX Blockchain compliance program. SKW will use these unique components to catapult BPOs, Field Service, and CX Agencies into the future.

Research conducted by Knowledge Executive in 2019 with global CX executives and directors indicates that blockchain is rapidly being adopted in the banking, telecom, healthcare, and retail industries. “Service delivery consistency and personalization across web chat and email remains a major challenge for operators, but blockchain can effectively address these issues,” says Mark Angus, CEO, Researcher and Strategist of Knowledge Executive.

“In the retail industry, blockchain can shorten sales and support requests by providing entire transaction, service, warranty, and behavioral data to agents with immediacy. Organizational silos and service issues in banks - which often have different product houses, disconnected contact centers, and disparate CRM systems - can be bypassed with blockchain.”

The key to unlocking these capabilities resides in blockchain's ability to strip out complexity through the way information is verified, securely stored, and accessed. This negates the need for interfacing with multiple systems and can tear down the information silos that currently exist in many applications and legacy back-end systems.

“From a CX perspective, [blockchain] is going to completely change how a vendor or business interacts with its customers,” states Steve Weston, Managing Partner of SKW, based in the Washington DC metro area. “Blockchain technology gives both the customer and the contact center agent they interact with more control because the platform contains all the relevant information they need, in an encrypted and secure manner.”

Weston adds that the ability to disintermediate third parties also simplifies the process, mainly because it eliminates the need to conduct research and obtain information from different sources. This effectively delivers instant access to accurate client data. “The CX benefit is the ability to provide instantaneous feedback or answers to the customer that are correct and relevant at the first time of asking, which negates the need for call backs and time-consuming verifications.”

About the CX Blockchain Institute

With operational assessments, communication centers of excellence, industry awareness programs, and training academies, the CX Blockchain Institute simplifies blockchain implementations, creates well-defined competitive barriers with its certification process, and accelerates paths to revenue.

The institute’s co-founders – Mark Angus, Shelli Ryan, APR, Fellow PRSA and Steve Weston – are customer experience (CX) industry veterans with backgrounds from leading BPO, CX, and worldwide customer care companies.

Privately held, the CX Blockchain Institute is headquartered in Las Vegas. For more information, please visit the CX Blockchain Institute home page.

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